Why do we do what we do?

“I dream of a day when all the people on this planet, can live peacefully together, in harmony with our planet.” (Neerejh Ramlakhan | AOS Group Founder)


If we are to achieve this dream, we need to invest in a way which uplifts all people, with minimal harm to our planet, or the peaceful co-existence between all people.


Too much of modern investment has become based on returns, without considering people, planet and peace holistically.

What do we do?

We create investment opportunities which uplift people, promote and protect the planet and foster peaceful prosperity for all people.

Our Growth

The AOS Group of companies was founded on 5 April 2008 by Neerejh Ramlakhan. AOS Group started as an actuarial consulting firm to the largest unionised retirement funds in South Africa.


In the beginning, the principal goal of the company was to provide independent actuarial driven advice, in an industry that was riddled by conflicts of interest, and which put service providers and their products above retirement fund members.


AOS Group has a 12-year track record of world-class delivery to clients such the Engineering Industries Pension Fund, the Metal Industries Provident Fund, Impala Workers Provident Fund, Amplats Provident Fund, Electrical Industries Pension and Provident Funds, Samancor Group Provident Fund, Hollard Pension and Provident Funds, Road Freight and Logistics Industry Provident Fund, Iscor Provident Fund, Nashua Pension and Provident Funds, Nissan Provident Fund, Compass Pension and Provident Funds, Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council, Renewable Energy Debt Fund, NMG Benefits, Ernst and Young, Novare Actuaries and Consultants,  Southern Africa Quantum, Independent Actuarial Consultants, AON Consulting, AOS Wealth and Sanlam Investment Management.


Over the last five years, the company has evolved to a boutique alternative investment manager.


Our goal now is to provide investment products that deliver benchmark beating investment returns after all costs, thereby enabling stress free retirement for people.

Our ideal customers

Our ideal customers are high net worth persons, family offices, retirement funds, other institutional investors and investment platforms. 

We work through intermediaries such as asset consulting firms, financial and wealth advisors, to serve our ideal customers.

Our products and services

We recruit, engage and retain quality share, commodity and currency traders, to manage client monies in either segregated accounts or approved qualified investor hedge funds.


We blend our trading solutions with other asset classes to create investment solutions which beat traditional benchmarks, on a risk adjusted basis after all costs.


Our three model investment solutions and traders have beat their benchmarks consistently over time.


We can create customised blends depending on client or client advisor group requirements.


We have a deep focus on people development, planet health promotion and peaceful co-existence between people and planet, at the heart of all our investment solutions.

To this end we are developing solutions in housing, business rescue and business growth with strategic partners.


We are an approved financial services provider with the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSP licence number 43479).

Our team

We recruit and retain quality people who live our vision, purpose, mission, culture and values of trust, care and humility.


AOS Group has three full-time actuarial professionals and the Group Financial and Support Services Manager, who are based in our fully owned offices in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg.

  • Our trading team comprises of South African traders and internationally based traders.

We are constantly looking for high quality share, commodity and currency traders who are looking to make a nurtured jump from corporate life to life on their own terms or those who have already made this transition.


We outsource all non-core functions to credible service providers who live our values.


AOS Group is rated B-BBEE Level 1 service provider.

Our contact details

We are a company built on personal relationships for life based on our values of trust, care and humility.


For more information to see how we can help you, please contact Neerejh Ramlakhan, our CEO and founder at neerejh@aossa.co.za.